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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 12, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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jamie costello is live outside yankees stadium. are you seeing a lot of orange tonight? >> reporter: we are seeing a lot of orange, christian shaffer is with me. >> absolutely. there is a lot of tickets available. people knew that this morning and made the drive up. >> reporter: the story line isn't about the win or the fact they pushed in to game five it's about the benching of alex rodriguez. >> $29 million a year. this is the biggest game of the season. if the yankees lose, they are done. supposed to be the best players, highest paid player is on the bench. >> where were you when you heard a-rod was benched? >> joe is going to do what he thinks is best for his team, he knows his people get better than anybody else. it's a good option for him on the bench. just like chavez on the bench.
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>> reporter: that's buck. we were talking to cal ripken earlier, we said have you ever been benched. he said 81, he was sitting on the bench and said i'm not going to do this again. >> he said that inspired him to do the streak, he didn't like that feeling. >> reporter: inside yankee stadium, a couple of minutes ago as both teams were getting set for the 5:07 first pitch. on the field, you can sense it, one team is tight, the other is loose. it's the a-rod lightning rod. a-rod benched tonight, nobody would hit him grounders. jeters is ready. orioles are calm, easy, having fun, like they are going to get
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root beer floats. he hits one out and almost hits hoke. play the game. yankees orioles, series tied at two, season series tied at 11, first 1-12 wins, wins. they say they can't imagine what the city is going to be like when they return from detroit. one week ago tonight i was standing in texas doing live shots from down there in a game that the texas rangers didn't want to be playing in. they came up flat. here we go again, yankees, do they want to be here tonight? no, they should have closed it out tonight. the stadium is half empty now. we will see how it goes. it gave the opportunity for orioles fans to come up here. people after the game last night, some people went in stub
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hub right then and bought tickets. others were like this morning, should we do it. it's a be.5 hour drive. people bought the tickets and drove up here. they are here to support the orioles, we heard a loud o during the national anthem. here is what some of the fans had to say going in. >> i immediately weapon on stub hub and bought the tickets within ten minutes. i knew i was going to be here. >> we were going to come up yesterday but lost the night before. while this morning we were going to say watch it on television, mark called me up, he is like we are going. we jumped in the car and came up. >> looked like a bunch of kids out there. it's a great time. magical. >> reporter: i love how logic and sense is thrown out the window. we are going. how are you going to argue with that? if the orioles win they will play detroit tomorrow in detroit, hamel as the starter
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today. he was the best pitcher for much of the season. injury late but came back and pitched well. let's see what happens. 5:07 first pitch time. i'm jamie costello, joce sterman back to you. while the orioleses are in new york, the orioles birds surprised fans here at baltimore, stewart hill academic academy. gave out t-shirt and hats because it had the highest increase in attendance this year. >> we are here to thank the principal for her leadership in improving attendance at the school and felt the o's needed an extra boost to make sure we bring home a win tonight. >> the event was part of the attendance campaign to get more
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kids in to school. if you think the orioless can pull off the upset, who has the advantage, go to our facebook page,, let us know what you think of the o maizing evening ahead. not only is ate big week for baseball here in baltimore, but a huge day for runners tomorrow. the running festival is saturday morning, you will see runners racing all over the city a marathon, half marathon and a relay race. this year's race will have a very different feel. >> we are probably going to have 200,000 folks, fans, over the course of the 26 miles supporting the runners and telling them to wear orange and purple. it's a magic time of year to give everyone the baltimore flavor. >> with all of those runners downtown, several major streets will be closed. time saver traffic reporter loren cook shows you how to get around the closures. >> reporter: the race begins at 8:00 tomorrow morning on russel street near camden yards.
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it will affect roads downtown, including key highway, packca, and light street. as runner travel, mccullough will be closed to green spring avenue, route will pass johns hopkins university and travel around lake montebello , the final stretch will travel through patterson park, down to canton, where portions of boston will be closed. the runners will cross the line at mt bank stadium. parking restrictions will go in to effect at midnight. for a list of all of the marathon road closures, go to i'm loren cook, that's your abc 2 time saver traffic report. i'm chief meteorologist here live at the maryland zoo in baltimore. it's a treasure, a maryland treasure that it's easy to forget about when it's here in the backyard. we are near the elephant exhibit. as we zoom in, that's dolly or ana, one of the female
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elephants here in the mid-30s, and again, just an awesome scene out here. there are several big elephants at the exhibit, we will show you more as we go through the news. have you nited it's cooled down a little bit today? let's show you the temperatures, they have been falling off from the 60s now through the 50s. you can see most of the numbers closer to 50 now, even a few upper 40s at times showing up on the hd weather bug network across the state of maryland. temperatures will be falling much cooler tonight and getting back down in to the 30s, and there will be freeze and frost concerns in the northern and western suburbs, around the pennsylvania state line, northern baltimore county, carroll county, frederick and beyond. frost in the morning, the temperatures dropping tonight, but how will the rest of the weekend unfold? we will have that and much more here live from the maryland zoo in baltimore, straight ahead on abc2 news. the number of meningitis cases in maryland is up to 14.
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that's according to the maryland department of health and mental hygiene. only one person in maryland died. the infections started after tainted batches of steroid shots were given to people treated with back pain nationwide, 4 people have died. -- 14 people have died. a fire killed a grandmother and four grandchildren, it's not complete, but investigators say they haven't found evidence of arson. jeff hager joins us live with the story. >> officials say investigators found no evidence of accelerants in the basement. laying to rest the fire could have been from arsonists. the images of the young victims from 1 years old to 7 years old lay among the growing stack of stuffed animals and balloons left in tribute to four children who died here.
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for many the exten of the loss is almost too much to bear. its a pain shard by a nearby neighbor, john hunter, who be friended the children from two doors down. >> the kids would come up everyday, i would give them candy and frozen sticks and things. they was my buddies. they see me pull up in the truck, they would run. >> one of the children was sierra's god daughter who is bitter over the tragedy. half of the ten people escaped by jumping from windows , the 55 year old refused to leave her grandchildren behind. >> this is sad. i feel they could have saved them. if you can jump from the window
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and safe yourself, you can save your mother. >> when there is kids involved, save them before you save yourself. they are young and can't maneuver as fast as you can. >> firefighters reported finding the house fully engulfed in names when they arrived and the smoke alarms may not have sounded giving the family little time to escape or save the other whose remained behind. jeff hager, abc2 news. two 12 year olds face charges for trying to trade a hand gun in school. another student saw the gun and told a teacher. one boy brought the weapon in hopes of trading to it another boy for an x box. there was no sign the students planned to harm anybody at the school. the gun was legally registered. you would be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn't carry a purse everywhere she
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goes. >> sometimes the bags can be large and really heavy. how the size of your purse can cause aches and pains and tips to make your load lighter. shuttle endeavor is on its final mission. why it's going the take time for the shuttle to make it to its final destination. >> reporter: i'm wyatt everhart, live at the zoo, we will have a live repot from the zoo straight ahead on abc2 news at 5:00.
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it's heavy lifting. you start with a democratic senator named ben. by getting bwi-marshall funding for new runways, he's helping us serve 21 million passengers a year, which helps keep 100,000 jobs that depend on the airport, and that means more cargo for more businesses
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and more skycaps unloading more taxis... welcome to bwi. ...carrying families with more luggage. thanks. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approve this message.
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ladies, how much does your purse weigh, between wallet, cell phone, it's not just what is in your bag. purses have accessories from buckles and belts. doctors say if you carry around a bag that weighs more than five pounds you could be damage doto your body, from headaches to neck and upper back pain. tips to take the weight off your shoulders, carry two bags
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instead oaf one use a purse with longer strap or use a backpack or roll bag. you need to be on the watch for head lice. first signs mean your kid is scratching a lot. look around their neck, ears and hairline for example you see lice or eggs, it's time to get a treatment. >> over the counter medicines are best to try first before going to a prescription strength topical medication. some home remedies, as long as they are safe, not flammable. >> lice do not fly or jump, they are transmitted by head to head contact. doctors say you should remind your child not to put their head near other kids and don't share pillows or sleeping bags. hope for women diagnosed with breast cancer, who want to have children. after breionna found out she had cancer, she did an egg retrieval and under went chemotherapy, radiation and
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surgery, her doctor told her to wait five years before trying to start a family. she is 11 weeks pregnant. you have plenty of time to get involved with the komen race for the cure this year's race is in hunt valley on october 21st, a week from sunday. abc2 news is a proud sponsor. or the cure, register by r komen the maryland zoo in baltimore is a great place to go with the kids to see the most magnificent creatures on this earth. >> there is a ton going on this month on the grounds. wyatt everhart has been checking out the elephants. have you seen baby sampson, who is not such a baby anymore? >> reporter: it's amazing display here. in fact, we have someone we are going to talk to in a second. let's give you a zoom in on the magnificent creatures, they are in their mid 30s, one of which
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i believe in the lead maybe dolly, we have ana out there somewhere in the backdrop, a big dog, tough fi is lingering. it's an amazing display, one of many at the maryland zoo. with that in mind, i want to bring in amy, you have your smaller creature here, let's walk down this way. this is beaker. tell us how beaker got his name. >> beak ser an eastern screech owl, he was injured in the wild. he was hit by a car. he has a cross beak and doesn't have the best control over blinking his eyes. he wasn't a candidate to be rehabilitated and released. they found a home for him at the zoo. he is a good teaching tool. we use him on grounds to tell them about him.
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>> beaker looks like he is doing all right, in good hands. capable hands at the maryland zoo. you are an animal collection specialist. i know that can be a variety of things. talk about people that maybe haven't been here in a long time or never come. what are the top two or three things when you say check these out. >> check out the elephants. we have a fabulous elephant training program for example you look at the girls and check out the boys, too, we have our two male sampson and tough fey in the back. if you come down to look at the elephants, dolly in the back, she looks like a snuffleupagus. the giraffe is another one. you can feed the giraffe. kids can get close to them. >> kids can feed the giraffes. >> they can hand feed them. it is $2 to do that. there is a little bit of a fee to pay for the branches to feed
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them. you can hand feed a giraffe, and get slobbered on. where else can you get that? >> it's an incredible place to be. for normal admission for adults and kids? >> expect a lot of fun, come out, i recommend a membership, come out over and over again fox you come out for the day, you can put that money towards the yearly membership if you love it so much, which you will. come out and see the penguins which are cool. we have between 40 and 50. >> reporter: penguins in baltimore. just when i would say the climate is too far south. there is a way to have them at the zoo. amy, thanks so much for giving us tips. beaker, thank you. any last words? owls are more of a night owl. >> we want to talk about the weekend forecast and the next week, things coming up, october
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fest coming up next week. the run this weekend. let's get you in to the seven- day forecast and break things down a little bit. again as we look to the weekend, a cold night on the way, we will be in the upper 30s in maryland, a frost in north maryland. tomorrow in to the 50s, sunny day. as we look chilly start for the runners, sunday, nice and windy, winds south 20. next week, not just a great game day for the ravens sunday but more baseball for the orioles tuesday night, now weather looks fairly decent for that. we are heres not far from the park. in the heart of the baltimore area at the maryland zoo with beaker and amy. more coming up later in the news. tonight on 2020, a little nip here and tuck there, what about people who take it to the extreme?
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no matter how strange the desire, super sizing your breast to transforming in to a human ken doll, when it comes to plastic surgeries is beauty getting more extreme? with the chiseled cheekbones and sculpted biceps, a self proclaimed addict. >> i love to really metamorphosize myself. the strange ter surgery the better. bucking the norm is so much fun. >> dozens of surgeries. >> brow bone shape, lifting, chest implants. bicep implants. >> reporter: the grand total, 90 procedures. >> when will you stop? >> why would i stop? >> catch going to extremes at 10:00 on abc 2, stick around for the latest news and weather on abc2 news at 11:00.
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shuttle endeavor, 45 missions in its lifetime, this is probably the most unique. >> it had to make its way through some of the busiest roads in the country. raccoon finds him himself in a bit of a pickle. will he take a helping hand to get out of the situation or get out of it himself? we'll be right back.
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traveling through the streets of la at a blinding speed of 2 miles an hour. the shuttle endeavor is headed to its final resting place. spectators gathered in the wee hours of the morning to get a glimpse of the bird, made 25 trips to space and flew 123
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million miles. trees and trees and light poles had to be removed. >> it's beautiful. it's absolutely beautiful. we are so lucky to have it here to close to our houses. >> it's bigger than i ever thought. i never thought we would get this close to it. >> the shuttle will travel tomorrow as well, final destination is at the california science center. take a look at this, looking back, giant eyeball washed up on the beach in florida, the size of a softball. the fish and wildlife organization took it to a lab to try to find out what it is, what it belongs to. it's going to take time, it could be from a squid or a giant fish like a tuna or a swordfish or a shark. raccoons are nosey creatures. this one got his head stuck in a pickle jar. crews tried to coax him off of
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the telephone pole. he was too scared. he came down on his own and they managed to free him. the local teen shot during the first day of school continues to gain more support. >> now baltimore's official soccer team is throwing support behind daniel. how they are fighting bull will ing and why and how you can help. warning about threats facing our nation. why tanks and soldiers won't be able to protect us from this attack. >> reporter: i'm wyatt everhart at the maryland zoo, live. wonder what the secret is to staying robust? she may have the answer. back with a live report.
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there is no evidence of any accelerant used in the fire that killed fi


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